Voodoo unleashes MacBook Air ‘killer’

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Jun 26, 2007
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Hewlett-Packard’s gaming PC brand ‘Voodoo’ has unveiled notone, but two, ultra high-end PCs this week, a MacBook Air ‘killer’ (the Envy)and a brushed aluminium desktop (the Omen) – both clearly designed to competewith Apple in the ‘designer computer’ market.

Voodoo’s Omen desktop PC, features a 7-inch built-in secondary display. Although,be warned, it also comes with a rather unpalatable starting price tag of $7000and will only be made available to previous customers by invitation only.

If you are a keen PC gamer with money to burn, then youmight want to join Voodoo’s exclusive ‘Omen’ club purely to enjoy how cold yourair-brushed aluminium PC is because it rocks "one of the most advancedliquid cooling systems on the planet."

Voodoo Envy

Of more interest to normal people is the MacBook Aircompetitor, the carbon fiber Voodoo ‘Envy’ which, although costly, is a tadmore affordable than its new desktop older brother, costing $2099 (around£1050)

The Envy breaks with Voodoo tradition, in that it is notbeing marketed as a gaming PC, but instead is a rather tasty 13.3-inchultra-portable featuring – breathe in - an LED-backlit display, 1,280 x 800resolution, Intel GMA X3100 graphics, 1.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo SP7700 processor,HDMI, 2x USB (1 of which doubles as eSATA) and` hard disk or SSD option.

Instant internet option

Perhaps the coolest feature is the "instant-on Voodoo IOSmode" so you can get online immediately without booting into Windows. The powersupply also doubles up as a Wi-Fi access point.

It’s ticking all the boxes here, although as we all knowfrom bitter experience an impressive features list does not always a decentcomputer make!

TechRadar should be bringing you a full hands on with the VoodooEnvy as soon as we can get our mitts on a test kit.