Help Required VU+ Duo 2 Motor & fixed dish

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Mar 22, 2015
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My Satellite Setup
Samsung 46 inch LED Smart TV
VU+DUO2 Sat Receiver
Truman Sat Receiver Premier1+
STARGOLD FUJI Universal Prime Focus LNB
180 Cm Motorized Dish
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Cairo, Egypt

I hope you can help with the, I'm in Cairo, Egypt, I have the following
1. VU+DUO2 Sat Receiver
2. STARGOLD FUJI Universal Prime Focus LNB
3. 180 cm motorized Dish
4. 100 cm fixed primesat dish for 7.0°W, Nilesat
5. Topfield satellite dish Positioners
6. Jaeger 24-inch actuators
7. Black Hole Vu+ Duo2 2.1.5

Help Please With Tuner Configuration Setup on VU+DUO2
What I would like to do is to view a channel, say from Tuner A and record from say, Tuner B

Thank you so much for your support
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Dec 10, 2004
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My Satellite Setup
1.2M Channel Master, 1224 motor, VU+ Duo 2
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North West
It all depends how you want to set up your receiver.
You can run a fixed dish, and motorized dish, on the same tuner, by running both through a Diseqc switch, going into the Tuner A menu, selecting advanced and setting up the Diseqc commands, you then set tuner B to equal to, or second cable from motorized dish, I can't remember which.
You can also set up your fixed dish on Tuner A, motorized on Tuner B, or other combination.
You can also add two more satellite tuners, to your VU+ Duo 2, giving you 4 in total, and set them up in various ways.

You mention a Topfied Satellite positioner, is this just a Topfield receiver, you are currently using, to move your motor? If so you might want to invest in a V-Box II, this connects to your VU+Duo 2, using a co-ax cable, and to your motor, using the 4 wires, allowing your Duo 2 to move your dish using Diseqc 1.2 commands.
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Jun 3, 2006
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My Satellite Setup
90cm motorised dishes(98x90)+fixed+multiLNB+24Unicable.
Currently 56 satellites, 61°West to 57°East.

Octagon SF8008 4K Twin, VU+Duo², VU+Ultimo4K.
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North of Madrid (28703 Spain) -3Km of IKEA (40.545847, -3.612012).:-)
Some clarifications.
Really how many tuners have.? 2, 3, 4.
Single or double/twin.?
For Enigma2 there an application for a channel (Tuner A) and listen to the audio from another (Tuner B.), for this purpose, you would have to have 2 tuner installed a minimum.

Attempt to locate and call the plugin and it works in BH 2.1.5.
No use BH
Do not use this plugin.
Plugin==>Audio PIP called
Unas aclaraciones.
Realmente cuantos sintonizadores tiene.? 2, 3, 4.
Sencillos o doble/gemelo.?
Para Enigma2 hay una aplicacion para ver un canal (Tuner A) y escuchar el audio de otro (Tuner B.) Audio PIP, para tal fin, tendrias que tener 2 tuner instalados minimo.

Intento localizar como se llama el plugin y si funciona en BH 2.1.5.
No uso BH
No uso ese plugin.
Plugin==>Audio PIP se llama
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