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Jun 26, 2007
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It's Thursday morning already and we kick off with the welcome news that Microsoft is working on a PC aimed squarely at senior citizens. Apparently, it will be simple to use and will "come with software that allows users to manage prescriptions as well as simplified tools for everyday use, such as managing photos."
The unnamed device, which is to be developed with Age Concern and Help the Aged, sounds a lot like a US scheme already underway across the pond in partnership with HP.
However it turns out, the MS plan has to be welcomed - after all, what domestic machinery, other than a PC, costs hundreds of pounds, yet comes with no worthwhile instructions? We can hardly blame some people for getting their mouse cords in a twist.
Psystar rated
After yesterday's news that the Psystar Open Computer Mac clone is actually shipping, we have the first benchmarks of the incredibly noisy machine.
Engadget's Nilay Patel has posted a charming video run through and a slew of scores rating the performance of the OS X box. Results are pretty much as you'd expect, especially the stellar graphics scores.
iPhone cloned
We know you wouldn't feel like it was a proper news day without an iPhone story, so how about the tale of the Windows phone dressed up to look like Apple's handset?
Flick Software of the US has developed a graphical interface overlay that replicates the iPhone experience on a Windows Mobile phone. What's more, they've even posted a video to prove it, although it keeps appearing and disappearing from YouTube for some reason. A spot of legals perhaps?
Getting back to Microsoft, the latest on the hot-cold-hot-again takeover of Yahoo suggests that MS is setting aside $1.5 billion (£750 million, give or take) to sweeten up Yahoo staff if the deal goes through.
Oceans Googled
Lastly, here's a story that would have raised suspicious eyebrows about a month ago. Apparently, Google is set to map the world's oceans just like it did for the land and the sky.
We're told Google Ocean will "depict phenomena like weather patterns, currents, temperatures, shipwrecks, coral reefs and algae blooms." Whether we'll also get a precise fix on that stupid island in Lost remains, however, a mystery.
Stay tuned to TechRadar for the rest of the day's news as it breaks or grab a feed here - get it while it's hot.