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Jun 26, 2007
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So UK’s mother’s day has been and gone, but what would you suggest one US supermarket is selling as the ideal ‘Mom’s Day’ present? Choccies? Flowers?
No, according to Wal-Mart the gift that all the mums across the States really want is Wii fit for their Nintendo.
“Initial response is extremely strong, and we're feeling really good about Nintendo Wii Fit dominating the home page," Kelly Thompson, Walmart.com's chief merchant told Reuters. "... We really like the angle of marketing it to Mom."
Wal-Mart, of course, owns UK supermarket Asda – we can’t wait to see if they start trying to flog us Super Mario Galaxy for Father’s Day.
Scientology v Xenutv1
A debate is hotting up on YouTube after they suspended the account of well known Scientology critic Mark Bunker -* citing the fact that he has already broken account rules in the past.
Many people – including The Register – have pointed out that this is a little bit hypocritical considering the very same rule should apply to the Church of Scientology.
The religion had its YouTube station shut down for putting personal information about the ‘Anonymous’ group that opposed them, but has since launched a new channel.
You can’t always get what you want
Songwriters could be in for a major bonus after the US courts decided that the proper fee for AOL, Yahoo and RealNetworks all you can eat streamed music should be up to $100 million over seven years.
Currently songwriters get a significantly less sweet deal than the performers who share their royalties when it comes to music streamed online – but that is all about to change.
Needless to say – the companies that have to fork out the fee were hoping for a lesser sum. *