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Jun 26, 2007
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Wednesday morning brings with it the news that a very few hardcore Mac users are likely to appreciate - a 1TB storage option for their beloved MacBook Pro laptops.
California company MCE Technologies is offering anyone with $800 (£400) to spend two 500GB 2.5-incch hard drives. "But that's no good!" we hear you cry.
One in the side
Well, the clever part lies in replacing the existing HDD with one of the new drives and shoving the other one - via a special connector - into the optical drive bay. Voila - 1TB in your lappie.
MCE even offers an enclosure to turn your old CD/DVD drive into an external SuperDrive. You still have to chuck the original Apple HDD though.
Psystar strikes back
While we're on the subject of feeding from Apple, Psystar has just announced that its unofficial (and cheap) OS X boxes can now get software updates after all.
To avoid dialling into the Jobsian mothership and possibly spoiling the party, Psystar is piping the software patches through its own website. We smell trouble brewing for the upstart.
Switching to the Far East, we hear that RIM will finally be able to sell its BlackBerry phones in Korea. Apparently, laws that favour local tech companies have just been amended to ease the path for outside competition.
Bye bye HD DVD
Lastly, remember HD DVD? It's already just a dim memory here - how quickly we forget. The folks over at LG, also in South Korea, have just hammered the last nails into the coffin lid of their Super Multi Blue combo HD DVD/Blu-ray players by ceasing production immediately. Sniff.
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