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Jun 26, 2007
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Tuesday morning and we have - what else? - the news that Microsoft’s latest overture to Yahoo involves buying out just the search element of its business, with a minority stake holding becoming a possibility.
Meanwhile, Google’s response to the tedious shenanigans is being formulated in the UK, where big cheeses Page, Brin and Schmidt are hosting a European company meeting.
Facebook privacy
Another item on their agenda is likely to be the plea from Facebook that Google reconsider the way it handles user data in its new Friend Connect platform.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is asking Google to work with him to sort out any privacy issues before he allows his site to hook up with the new SNS ‘glue’ that is Friend Connect.
Missed target
Jumping back to Microsoft again briefly, MS CEO Steve Ballmer became the target of an egg-throwing loon in Hungary who, apparently, was unhappy with the company’s Windows deal with the Budapest government.
If you want to travel to Hungary to meet our anti-MS genius, you technically don't need a passport, but gadget fans might be keen on a prototype from Samsung and a German print company that replaces the photo with a tiny OLED screen.
Should such technology become mainstream, however, we can be fairly sure there’ll be a lot more hiding behind that screen than just a mugshot.
Changing gadgetry
Away from the omnipresent digital security concerns of the modern age, here’s a little light relief. New Scientist has gathered together some examples showing the evolution of gadgets over time.
While the evolution of sporting video games from the early days to Wii Fit is fun, it’s the clip of mobile phones morphing from bricks into today’s handsets that really grabs the attention.
That’s it for now, but stay tuned to TechRadar for the rest of the day’s news as it breaks or grab a feed here - get it while it’s hot.