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Jun 26, 2007
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By Crunchie it’s Friday, and we want to lick all the chocolate off the nightly news a leave with just the honey wafer centre for your delectation with our overnight news round-up.

Let’s start with an update on the OLPC project which has a new customer for its XO laptop.

Children in the Caldas region of Columbia will be receiving 65,000 laptops (not each) with small towns and rural areas at the front of the cue for the low cost machines.

Caldas's Governor Mario Aristizabal told the BBC he was "committed to giving each and every child of primary school age the same opportunity to access knowledge as the most privileged children in New York, Berlin or Tokyo".

Auntie out of pocket

Nobody is doubting the quality of the BBC websites, but when you hear about how much the esteemed Auntie has gone over budget in the last year you can maybe spot the problems.

The BBC Trust’s review of all things internet uncovered a reported*£36 million overspend which included "misallocation of £24.9 million in overheads and costs to other budgets within the BBC, representing poor financial accountability."

The BBC responded with a release stating: "We are developing plans which we believe will fully meet the concerns raised in the report, and provide a high level of reassurance to the BBC Trust that additional controls will be quickly implemented."

Dell buoyed by foreign markets

Dell’s Steve Felice, who heads up the company’s Japanese and Asia-Pacific markets, believes that the US company will sell two thirds of its computers outside of its home country.

Higher than expected quarterly profits have boosted the company’s morale and Felice believes European, African and Asian markets could become dominant.

"…two-thirds could come [from outside of the US] in five years," said Felice.

That’s it for now, but stay tuned to TechRadar for the rest of the day’s news as it breaks or grab a feed here - get it while it’s hot.