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Jun 26, 2007
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After last night’s less-than-perfect 3G iPhone storm, comes the calm of a day (mostly) without frenzied Apple speculation and analysis, so what’s left?

For starters, Nokia fans get a few crumbs in the shape of what may be leaked photos of new N-series phones on Flickr. The N79, N85 and their sibling 5800/Tube handsets show up with no details beyond the plain images, so whether or not they’re real is clearly up for debate.

Palm users charged up too

There’s also something for Palm smartphone users from TechCenter Labs, which has a new mini charger for juicing up such phones in an pinch.

The Tiny Emergency FuelCell (it ain’t really a fuel cell, by the way) comes with either a standard alkaline AA battery or a rechargeable alternative and costs just $10 or $11 (£5 or £5.50), depending on the version.

Canon’s newest D-SLR

Dragging ourselves away from phones for a moment, today sees the Japan launch of Canon’s new D-SLR, the EOS Kiss F – AKA the EOS Rebel XS in the US.

The 10.1-megapixel camera costs ¥70,000 (£337) and should launch in America next month and in Europe in September. Its selling points are the presence of a live view on the rear LCD and a mechanism for automatically cleaning dust from inside the lens.

That’s it for now, but stay tuned to TechRadar for the rest of the day’s news as it breaks or grab a feed here - get it while it’s hot.