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Jun 26, 2007
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Good morning to you, tech fan. If you've just woken up,thanks for stopping by so early. If you're from another part of the world, youprobably know what's happened and want someone to sum up for you.

If you've not slept, ye gads man, get some shut-eye!

Though read our little round up first so you can drift offinto knowledgeable slumber.

We want moreFacebook!

The saga between the boys who allegedly created Facebook(had an idea to connect people) and Mark Zuckerberg (who actually made it) hasreared its ugly head once more.

You may think the out-of-court settlement in Ferbruary ofpart cash, part shares would be enough to slake Cameron Winklevoss, TylerWinklevoss and Divya Narendra's collective thirst for legal action.

But no. Apparently the ConnectU trio have found some moreevidence that could blow the whole thing wide open, and have requested to ajudge they be let out of the original deal.

Maybe they're unhappy at being asked to be a ninja for the1,000th time and want to take action from the top.

E-asy does it

Nokia has done what everyone expected and brought its twonew business smart phones to the market.

The E66 features a sliding keyboard and the E71 a fullQWERTY, though neither have support for RIM's BlackBerry service, which is oddconsidering Nokia has included it before to tap into the massive BlackBerrycommunity.

The E71 is just one centimetre thick - making it thethinnest QWERTY device in the world, according to the Finnish device manufacturer.

Both come with a 3.2MP camera and GPS, which sadly won'thelp you find your way around another push email system.

Open-source eBay?

Online auction giant eBay wants to do a Facebook on us all(hopefully cleaning up afterwards) by opening up its eBay's SellingManager to third party software programs via Project Echo.

The idea is to allow those who develop such applicationsto gain access to a wealth of eBay's selling statistics, such as latest bidsand completed sales, in turn making the site more innovative.

It's hardly a new move, as around a quarter of alleBay ads use third party software already; they just have to sneak it inthrough the back door at the moment.