WARNING re. flashing Irdeto CI CAMs


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Jan 1, 1999
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Yet another variation of Irdeto CI CAMs has appeared on the market recently.

In terms of the hardware, it is still a "Euro" CAM, so can not be flashed without opening up the case and physically desoldering the relevant chip. The chips are however even smaller now, so that even becomes more difficult and really only for the expert.

But the most important thing to note - and the reason for this warning - is this:
...on the outside, the CAM looks like an original reflashable series-1 CAM! IE, in contrast to the previous Euro CAMs it does NOT have the warning "any and all modifications prohibited and prosecutable" printed on the blue label. This means it will easily be confused and people will spend time trying unseccessfully to flash them using IRD106 or XALOAD. Worse, people may be conned into paying a higher price for them believing they are the scarse series-1 CAMs.

The good news is:

- attempting to reflash them on your laptop will fail but will not actually damage them.

- there *is* still a way to externally distinguish them, by checking the part number on the back.
The original series-1 flashable CAM has a part-number of 900264
The newest series of non-flashable Euro CAMs has a part-number 901633