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Watching my beloved football from New Zealand. Can you help me?


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Im moving down to New Zealand in a couple of years, and am trying to find any contacts out there who might be able to help me in my quest to receive sport on the box.
I know, from my previous time spent there, about the limitations of New Zealands SKY tv/ ESPN. They show live premier league + champions league.
I also know about Australias Fox sports
Unfortunately for me , they dont screen as much as Id like. I would like to try and see (if possible) the various English /Champs league / Internationals/ domestic cup competitions.
I know that due to NZs out of the way location, its gonna be hard.
My question to you all is - Is it possible to see any foreign networks from there ie Asian or whatever(ESPN asia,Star - do these or other channels show european comps?I know they both do EPL)

Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated

I did see a 3 metre dish in a garden in auckland on my last visit and it got me thinking more...............


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Moved this to Chit Chat Ian, you'll get more response here.