WCE + season interface + Samsung 9500AX



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Hi guys,

Looks like I will have to give up and learn German to watch free TV...
Today I bought season interface and tried to get things done. I failed. Again...

First of all - I have Samsung 9500AX.
Then - the question. Can I teoretically, practically or any other way kill the slot where I inserted season interface when running WCE? If the anser is yes then - looks like I did it... :(

What did I do. I connected this interface to my computer, ran WCE 1.38. Chose conax on com1, then chose seca and turned on my decoder. Of course, nothing happened, then I changed the baud rate (which one is correct for my Samsung9500AX, by the way, I don't know), changed other things, tried very hard, did many experiments, nothing worked.
Is it possible that this slot was killed because I set wrong baud rate?

Do you know some place where I can get some detailed instruction on how to use WCE with season interface? Or better - have anyeone of you tried this at home and could you guide me through the process?


Believe it when I see it Admin.
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I used to play around with one, but found it very hit and miss, I'm sure that there are a couple of members still using one though. It is unlikely that you will have damaged your card slot, but not of course, totally impossible.