Wegener Unity 551



Its a pro receiver. It does QPSK->IP conversion (over DVB MPE), and decoding to analog video. So there is analog (composite) video out if you need this (so, no HD presumably), but no HDMI or anything similar.

Control will be awkward. You either need close proximity to box from armchair, or use their software thing.
Mind you, these things are designed to be set to one channel, and remain there for months. Not your average zapper-box.

So either you have a poor SAT box, or if you're really fond of a certain SPTS (Single Programme Transport Stream), say, BBC4, you can disbtribute that on your home network to some suitable IP box (not commo) to decode it.

In a typical home-use situation? Not really.
BUT, mights be a cool piece of gear to your set-up, and might lead you down paths you didn't know about!