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Weird 500S recording problem on Gem 2.20


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My Satellite Setup
Dreambox 7000
1mtr Dish
I am running Gemini 2.20 on my 500S with a CIFS mount for recordings.

This works great but have spotted one slight problem which is more an annoyance than anything.
Say i record something, this file can then be viewed (under file mode) either under green button menu (movies) or through red button root option.

If I then have a crash and have to shut the power off and then back on to reboot the dream I lose the link to my previously recorded files uner the green button 'movies' option. The files are still there as I can see them under the red button root option but just not in my 'movies' menu.

Obviously a link is being broken when I shut the power off and back on again.

Anybody got any advice or help on this?

Thanks in advance