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May 1, 1999
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You've bought your programmer, pulled you hair out, been round all of the forums to get information on how to do it and finally programmed your first card, you've even managed to edit the keys in the hex file.

If you are now sitting there smug with your momentous achievement (and rightly so :)), why not write a short how to for other members less successful in their task, we will post it in our upcoming how to forum.

The types of subject that can be covered are:

Card programming, with the different programmers and software.
File editing with the different programmers and editors.
Dish alignment with non-professional equipment.
Receiver software updating.
Setting up season interfaces with emulators.
Setting up motorised systems.

The potential list is huge.
If you prepare your How To with a text editor, you can make a post in the test forum, a mod can then look at the post and transfer it to the correct place.

Don't hide your light under a bushel, share your expertise. :)