What box do I need to view this channels

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Hi guys, I have a question. I was able to view the R3pr3t3l channels on Intelsat 805, they were using BISS but because some @ss h0le was charging people to see the soccer games from Costa Rica using this channel in a bar in New York, they went to a more secure encryption (IRDETO). My undersanding is that IRDETO has been cracked already so I was trying to see which box is the one that open this channels, they also show DVB-S2 8PSK MPEG-4. So it needs to be a receiver that will be able to decode IRDETO and compatible with DVB-S2 8PSK MPEG-4.
The Fortec Mercury II that I was using for this purspose, is not even seen the transponders. Can somebody please guide me in the right way. Here is the link of the channels I am trying to get. They are on transpoder 4111/4000 Horizontal. I am using a BSC621 LNB like the one showing in this picture:


This are the channels I am looking for:

And they are on Intelsat 805:

Thanks guys.




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