what cable ?




I hope someone can help me out on this because I am going mad
listening to different advice from different satellite equipment

I have just purchased a Humax IR-CI 5400 and all the kit to install a motorised dish using a Jeager 128G H-H mount to be driven by my existing Pace MSS1008IP. My problem is simple - or so I thought! What sort of cable should I use to connect from the built in Pace positioner to the Jaeger128. Everyone I have asked is agreed on 4 core (I guess that bit is easy) but when it comes to the gauge of the cable I am getting answers from 0.25 to 0.75 and the reply alternates between screened and unscreened according to which way the wind is blowing and the time of day. In addition my cable run will be about 22 metres and no one will answer the question of whether this distance is OK i.e. is it too far or will I need some kind of repeater in the cable run?

Can someone please help me out and point me in the right direction? If you do recommend a particular type of cable it would be very much appreciated if you could give the name a company who can supply it.

To be honest as someone new to the field of motorised satellite
installations the whole experience of buying my kit, and particularly this cable, has left me feeling very unimpressed with the professionalism of the industry.

Very many thanks :-)

Derby UK


The coax should be CT100 perfect for runs upto 60m, above 60m you will require an inline amp.
As for the other cable well one that springs to mind is the Pope 4 core actuator cable or if using a magnetic type polariser then the Pope 7 core cable, and it's less expensive than ribbon cable of simular quality.

Eurosat Distribution Ltd on (0845) 597536

or Satellite Solutions at www.satsol.co.uk

Good luck

Graham Sorenson

>I hope someone can help me
>out on this because I
>am going mad
>listening to different advice from different
>satellite equipment
>I have just purchased a Humax
>IR-CI 5400 and all the
>kit to install a motorised
>dish using a Jeager 128G
>H-H mount to be driven
>by my existing Pace MSS1008IP.
>My problem is simple -
>or so I thought! What
>sort of cable should I
>use to connect from the
>built in Pace positioner to
>the Jaeger128. Everyone I have
>asked is agreed on 4
>core (I guess that bit
>is easy) but when it
>comes to the gauge of
>the cable I am getting
>answers from 0.25 to 0.75
>and the reply alternates between
>screened and unscreened according to
>which way the wind is
>blowing and the time of
>day. In addition my cable
>run will be about 22
>metres and no one will
>answer the question of whether
>this distance is OK

This is a short run and should post no problems.

>is it too far or
>will I need some kind
>of repeater in the cable

>Can someone please help me out
>and point me in the
>right direction? If you do
>recommend a particular type of
>cable it would be very
>much appreciated if you could
>give the name a company
>who can supply it.
>To be honest as someone new
>to the field of motorised
>installations the whole experience of buying
>my kit, and particularly this
>cable, has left me feeling
>very unimpressed with the professionalism
>of the industry.

14 years experience has shown that there are two types of business .. Those that only do the fixed systems and are pretty much clueless on multi sat systems, and those that have some knowledge of multi sat systems, again split into two types, those that are good at what they know/do and those that just bumble on. :-)

Hopefully I am one of those that know/do .

For your short run almost any cable will work, (subject to not getting interference on the sensor pair from somewhere) everything from telephone/alarm cable right up to dedicated satellite motor cable has been sucessfully used.

The dedicated cable whould be 2 pair, one pair shielded for the sensor and the other pair is a thicker gauge for the 36vDC motor power.

Look in the comics for suppliers. The ones already suggested are wholesale and wouldn't supply less than 100metres (Probably 250 metres) I would suggest me but I don't have any in stock at the moment. :-)

Again if you want to try other cables they should work fine

(If you use 6 or 8 core telephone/alarm cable twist togeather some of the wires so you get a thicker wire for the motor)

Hope this helps


>Very many thanks :-)
>Derby UK


Very simple, for the run between the lnb and the box use CT 100 and remember to keep the kinks as little as possible.

For the run between the box and the actuator use 4 core screened cable. I have always used 4 core cable that is used in the heavy commercial vehicle industry. Cheap and last's for years.

Do not get conned using something very expensive when you do not need it.