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What dish should I get ?

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You dont say why you think you need a large dish and so your location is probably needed

You could always try looking at a number of large antenna manufacturers selling equipment in or near Europe, Prodelin, CM, Precision are but a few, but at the end of the day the whole system, including the LNB, receiver sensitivity and the quality of installation are probably just as important
I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. I currently have an 80 cm dish but can't receive any of the 2D transmissions.

Sorry for the blatant advertising. Here are the different dishes I can choose between (1.80cm KU-band dish):

1. Antenna with LNBF Kit (4.50" AZ/EL)

2. Antenna with Ku-Band Cross Polarization Single Polarity Feed

3. Antenna with Ku-Band Cross Polarization Wideband Single Polarity Feed

4. Antenna with Ku-Band Cross Polarization Dual Polarity Feed

5. Class 3 antenna with Ku-Band Cross Polarization Single Polarity Feed
I live just north of Luebeck (on the A1 between Hamburg and Puttgarden) and I have a TU-DSB 30 a Philips quad LNB with 23 mm neck and a Prodelin 1.2 m dish and I get 2d no problem. I think a 1m dish would also have been big enough.