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What do I need?old Sky box?

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Birmingham,W.Mids UK
Hi I have been offered a 2 year old Sky Digital box and dish by a freind.I have had some experiance with Analogue boxes I currently own 2 that I still use ;)

What I would like to know is will the box pick up all the free to veiw/air channels at a particular location?

IE-if I point it at Astra 28E etc will it pick up the free to veiw channels here?without the need for cards etc


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Hi Stefmeister, for the FTV channesl you will at the moment require a card, but as you know they are avaliable free anyway, so no problem. If you are looking at other satellite locations, then the Digibox is less than ideal, it only has two available symbol rates and is not capable of receiving some transponders. It's capacity for the storing of non-Sky channels is pretty abysmal as well.