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Im new to this stuff but have a little knolwledge of how it works. I have got an nec 80cm dish on the house i have just moved in and it has an lnb on it which im guessing came with the dish when the previous owners had it installed. I was told the dish may be analoge but does this matter if you have the correct lnb. does it have to be a universal lnb. I just need some info on what to buy to pick up some foreign channels. Thanks if you can help and thanks if you cant.


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The dish will be fine, but the LNB may well not be a universal LNB and will possibly need replacing. I seem to remember that these LNBs were a 25mm collar or even C120 with a polariser, rather than the now common 40mm.

What are you planning to view, if it is still pointing at 19.2E, then there is a fair bit on there to watch, but you may find a bit more on 13E.