What is the Best CAM?

I am planning to buy a new CAM within few days, I would like to know which CAM should I buy and why? or in other words Which CAM is the Best around?

Can I program the CAMs with PCMIC slot in my laptop? or should I buy CAM programmer?

thanks for your Help


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I think that the dragon cam and the Matrix Reloaded Cams are the best around. I have an MR cam to watch French TV T*S and M*ltivision. You need to decide what you want to watch and then choose the cam that decodes most of the channels that u want to watch.

I was hoping to use my laptop - Sony VAIO with win98 - to update the MR but have never managed to get it to work -spent hours trying to get PC to recognise MR but it never has. Successful updating using PMCIA slot on laptops appears to vary alot depending on brand of laptop. I have bought a PMCIA adapter card for PC from Maplins and am hoping to be more successful with that - I understand that this method is more reliable.

A CAS 2 will do the update job but costs around 60GBP.

There is a list somewhere in the Matrix Reloaded forum that will tell you as well which satellite receivers work with the MR.

Note that any cam that you buy will at some point cease to function as the broadcasters change their encryptions.