What motorised system?



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I am a south Indian. I am new to DTH. I would like to purchase Motorized DTH system. But it is not available in India. Can You help me to suggest Motor, where it should purchase. It is better to purchase from nearest place to india

claasi said:
Hi Folks,

since we have a debate on Moteck motors, started from Likvid, I thought to start a new thread and open a discussion on diseqc motors from different vendors and your experience so far. I think this will be interesting for folks who want to buy a motor or replace their system soon.

I thought this might be some interesting questions to start with:

- exact motor name and type ?
- for how long in duty so far ?
- rost prevention ?
- recognition of sat positions after some time in duty since gears of motors get old etc.
- dish size and weight

I want to start with mine :
- I have a FTE Dimo 120 + which looks pretty much like the moteck one. Not sure if it is a sort of OEM product but I did not face metal problems like Likvid and others.
- 6 Months in duty
- I can't tell yet, will check soon since it is on the roof
- So far I never had to change position since USALS worked perfect and a manual adjustment was not necessary. I tried to manually but signal did not improve so it is still working fine.
- 105 cm and the weight is 10 kg

Motor can be seen here:

If any body wants to add the list of questions please feel free since I tried to find out some of the most important ones in regards of motor life expectations and quality of a motor.

Hope to get lots of opinions and experience reports from you guys.



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