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What should he Do?


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A friend of mine has just moved to Spain and would like UK TV.
He has seen my set up (Panasonic Digibox + Solus Card) and would like the same i.e. BBC's ITV CH4 etc.

If he buys a 'normal' i.e. non digibox reciever and points it towards Astra, he'll receive BBC etc, but what about ITV CH4 etc, will he be able to pick these up in the future with Skys new FTA Channels?

Or, should he just buy a Digibox? If he buys a Digibox can he still get one with a card that will work? (Ebay for example)



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He will definitely need a digibox, Sky may well be issuing new cards to coincide with their FTV offer later this year, but it is not certain.


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The market for FTV cards is very turbulent, as they are no longer issued FTV and also cancelled Sky cards are selling for incredibly high prices. In the local paper here the normal price range in the small ads is €150-200.

I’m not sure what they are on eBay at the moment, but it might be worthwhile for your friend to look at just getting a Sky subscription. He could buy the same digibox anyway, he would need a UK address and unless he got the absolute minimum package it would cost him over £200 for one year’s subscription (plus cost of digibox). But that would ensure the card worked for the FTV channels and give him a years worth of some Sky channels, by the end of which time Sky’s FTV system should have launched and he can look again at what to do.