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Hallo I am getting tierd of spending hundreds of pounds on offical cards for adult channels like AdultX, Amore and Hustler TV when they only last a few weeks. ( The Amore broke the record it lasted 4 days). All these Channels are happy in taking my money but none deliver the goods. I would not mind paying for an offical card that last.

PLEASE HELP 2old4this

I read that there is a way of viewing the Tequilla X channels with a Gold wafer card. What do I need and were do I get the software etc. You helped me out before on the AD3000 forum and you know about all these things.
I have an Echostar AD3000 software 100 (I am afraid to upgrade read all the stories about bugs and freezing up. )with a 90 cm motorized dish, universal LNB, 1x Aston cam 1.03, 1x Irdeto cam 4.6 SE and a Sky Box on a Global SPS1 switch all working fine.

What I need is an idiot guide to upgrade i.e. freecam, where to find it and download it from etc.

Thanks in advance



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There is a kind of "idiot's guide to FreecAM" in one or other of the postings on this board. Usse the search function on FreeCAM.
But if you don't already have an old Irdeto CAM (the type for which new firmware can be loaded which turns it into an AllCAM or even a FreeCAM) then you probably don't want to go out and buy one now.... that type is no longer manufactured and the few left in stock at dealers are being sold at ridiculous prices.
Nevertheless, if you did get one and did upgrade it to FreeCAM, and load it with the C+NL plainkeys (which virtually never change) you would find that you can view the new xxx channel which occuppies the position/tp of Adult-X.

However, you will not be able to watch any Seca/mediaguard encrypted channels with a FreeCAM (being as that is Irdeto).
For Seca/Mediaguard (including the Taquilla X/XX/XY channels) you will need a Seca CAM (your currentr AAston is ok) and a suitablty programmed wafer card.
For full instructions and further explanation on Wafers, look at the "how-to/FAQ" in the smartcards forum of this board.

Good luck
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I've got an very similar system, suggest you go to 300 software, it's stable and fine on my system with the Aston CAM

The code?, try the following site if you can program your own gold card.


Good Luck
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