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Children Caught Throwing Bricks Onto Highway

Two nine-year-old girls have been caught on video hurling bricks from a bridge at cars traveling on Britain's busiest motorway, police said Thursday.
Surrey police released the CCTV footage as part of a warning to parents following a sharp increase in such cases.

The girls were caught after a motorist rang the police to report his windshield had been smashed by a brick thrown from a motorway footbridge on the London orbital M25.

They were taken home but no prosecution is possible because they are deemed under the age of criminal responsibility.

The incident -- Sunday May 11 -- came just two months after a lorry driver was killed when a brick dropped through his windshield on the M3. The death of driver Micky Little is still being investigated.

"I appeal to parents of children who live within easy traveling distance of a motorway, please make sure your children are not participating in such a dangerous activity," said Chief Inspector Mark Clark.

Figures released by the police show the numbers of such incidents in Surrey have risen to 105 in the first four months of 2003 compared to 163 cases for the whole of 2002.


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