what's going on..?!



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My Satellite Setup
One 100cm dish with 3 Universal Quattro 0.6db LNBs at 28.2E, 19.2E, 13.0E..

One 85cm dish with 1 Universal Quattro 0.6db LNB at 0.9W..

4 - 4x1 DiSEqC switches..

My Location
Luxembourg City
Either my 7020S - the hardware on top of my roof - or I have come to a halt - 'cause I'm unable to scan and download the usual 2-3,000 channels..?

Last night I decided to give my DB a 'clean-up' - re-flashing and formatting the usb-stick - in order to start a fresh box..

BUT - after this everything has gone bunkers..:eek:

- I flashed this nfi: dreambox-image-dm7020-20060409090819.nfi
- entered the details: PAL, language and timezone
- selected the disecq configuration - and this is where I think it starts going in the wrong direction..?
I selected the last option, because I have 2 dishes on my roof - one pointing towards - 28.2E, 19.2E and 13E (three lnb's) - and one towards - 0.9W (1 lnb)..
All are quads - and joined (with disecq's..?) so that I can use 4 TV's and receivers independently..
(Apologize for my technical expressions - I'm not that much into the tech jargons..)

But when selecting this last option it instantly popped up with the motorized selection - as if this was sensed by the system to be what I have..?
So I pressed 'exit' a couple of times to get to where I can select manually what I have: 4 satellites (which was also the setting from the previous installation)..
I then entered the 4 positions: 28.2E, 19.2E, 13E and 0.9W..
AND that's where I guess the next mistake lies: I simply could not remember which lnb's were on which position on the dishes..
So I tried to enter which ones I thought it was..

When checking the signals for the different positions - I was able to get a decent signal on 28.2E - but absolutely nothing on the 3 others.. After schuffling around with those three - I still did not managed to get valid signals..
Only 19.2E..
Result is that I could download from 28.2E - about 175 channels and on 19.2 about 15..!
Nothing from 13E and 0.9W..

And even more strange - all 175 channels on 28.2E is showing 28.4E..?
In the old setup all were showing 28.2E..

Has anyone of you guys experienced something similar..?

Could it simply be my DB which has gone bunkers - it's switched on 24 hours constantly.. I mean - not on - but when not in use it's switched on in standby..

Or could there be a problem with the disecq's or lnb's..?


..right now I installed a gemini image on the usb stick - restarted - and going to the satellite config..
There the 4 positions are showing up - but now I can't move the positions around - and there are only the 4 satellites I previously selected (in the db image in flash)..there are no choise to select other satellites when opening each of them to try and move them to another position to try and get a signal..

BTW - could the system (lnb's and disecq's) be jeopardized by constantly moving the satellites forth and back to try and find a better signal..? Are they sensitive about this..?