Whats new on FREEVIEW ?


john epon

Does anybody know when we will get these new channels that we were promised when bbc and sky took over freeview network form itv digital.

the papers advertised sky1, cartoon channel, eurosport and others but still waiting for all of the above... when i update my box when freeview was launched it downloaded lots of channels that to this day have not shown a thing on them... why bother?

does anyone see the point of turing your tv into a radio receiver because i dont, if i want to hear the radio ill turn it on i dont rush for my tv remote. am i the only one that feels stitched up by the hype that is FREEVIEW (bbc & Sky thanks for nowt)

digital baby

As most people seem to think SKY1 and cartoon network are NOT free channels.... Freeview is exactly that Free.
Due to very limited bandwidth not loads of channels have or are being launched. as far as i can tell there will be 1 channel launching but as yet i cant find out what or when.
If u can recieve multiplex D with the channels 22 or 44 hit the info button and it should say keep watching a new service coming soon. The reason there are a few 'radio' channels are because radio transmissions take up only quarter of transmission space ergo 4 stations=one channel, so sky news is the same as four radio stations.
You never know once they perfect the system it may be better than ever.