Advice Needed Which 2 Sat receivers?



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My Satellite Setup
zone2 mini dish, 19.2 and 28.2
My Location
Just looking for advice on purchasing 2 sat recievers,

1 - Main living room - thinking Mutant HD51 (everyone here seems to rate them?) with x2 S2X tuners (or german version from SatKing). I also have a Strong TNT box bought on last holiday in France with a 4 year activated card - would this work in another enigma box as the software is not too good but to be fair it has a great picture?
Would like to add HDD for recording - then add cron job to backup files to my NAS nightly (once I increase storage again). Budget up to £200.

The Octagon keeps being mentioned but I can't find any details of the actual launch date for the replacement for the 4008? Is it worth waiting for it?

2 - Bedroom - thinking VU+ Zero 4k or the android powered Formula S Mini? or if not 4k then the Edison os nino looks pretty good.
Just looking for snappy box, recording not required. Budget £100ish, but a bit more for 4k is ok under the pretence of future-proofing :)
Currently have Skybox F5.

My set-up -
Zone 2 minidish (although I've been looking at the Peta dishes today so a second dish might follow...)
Multi LNB set-up at the weekend with 2 LNBs on 28.2 (Quad visiblewave) and 19.2 (single inverto eco (bought when they were cheap!), which is just replaicating my previous set-up before I moved. I've ordered an Octicum twin LNB for 19.2 (and a Konig 4 way Diseqc) as I want two feeds of 19.2 which I will swap out at the weekend. Then I'm hoping to add a 13.0 (hence the post for a good sat finder!).

Applogies for the ramble :)

Any advice greatly appreciated!
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