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which cards does matrix cam support?


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i have cas 2 add on and i was interested which card can i buy?titanium?silver?knot?opos or which should work with my reborn cam.i ave tried key updating but it doesnt work.i have try it already 2 months all the newest keys but it doesnt work.it has not opened a channel yet.i have mrtv 1.16c now but it is also nothing.i have seen my friend has funcard4 and he has programmed it 1 year ago an dit still opens half tps.rtl9 xxl ....and so on...what is the problem who knows?

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Which Matrix Cam ? there are three out there, plus a few clowns (clones) no doubt.

Also are you correctly uploding new firmware into your CAM from reliable sources ? Plenty of idiot uploads out there as well