Which Irdeto Cam???



I want to buy an Irdeto cam for my Echostar 3600 but cannot decide which one to go for, can anyone help me? I mainly want the Irdeto cam to enable me to watch Premier and MMOV channels.
I have heard that the best ones to go for are the 4.6 se or 4.7 se allcam or a irdeto freecam 2017. Is this correct?

I already have seperate Viaccess (embedded in my Echostar 3600) and Aston 1.3 cams so there is no real advantage in the freecam for viewing seca or viaccess. Would it be advisable therefore to go for the 4.6 for 4.7 allcam?

Can any of these cams be flashed to do Irdeto 2 (if needed in the future?).

Are Premier and MMOV going to be staying on the same encryptian for the foreseeable future?

I have been quoted a price of £169 for either a 4.6 allcam or a freecam 2017. Is this price from S&D any good?

When buying the Irdeto cam do i need to make sure it is a particular version? Or doesnt it matter which version of freecam or allcam i buy?

Finally, are gold cards for the Irdeto cams programmed in the same way as for seca and viaccess i.e. by opening the pic and eeprom files? I know the funcard or silver cards are done differently and that i may try these one day but for now i just want to make sure i can simply program an Irdeto gold card easily enough.

Thanks in advance