Which satellites can I get.


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From lyngsat.com which satellites can I pick up and get the channels.
Location will be from the UK.
What does all these different bands mean. I am guessing that that the green ones from the chart are the only one allowed. Very puzzled. Can my dish point at any angle to pick up any satellite from the lyangsat chart even the asia ones??
band C band C & Ku band Ku band . ( Is Ku Band the only )



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Need more info

dish size you are using, whether you have both analogue and digital receiving equipment , whether the antenna has both C and ku band capability, whether you have trees or other obstacles near the horizon limits etc etc. Locatin East and West of England will determine where the horizon is , as well as your height above sea level.

From other postings you already have a system and are receiving channels day and night from most European stuff. Youve also got Cams, Cards and a programmer as well as the ability to receive internet streaming so physical horizons may not limit your viewing entertainment (failing eyesight may be a problem though)