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why a titanium?


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One thing evades me..............why a titanium card though? why cant a fun/ jupiter/silver do? i mean the basic feature in all them cards is a microcontroller alongwith a sizable memory, right? so if a titanium can hold/process the data , why cant others of the same generation?

Or is it jus sum ploy by the tit. manufacturers to make fat profits. i believe the card's price must have gone sky high, thats only if its not 'sold out'..........knw what i mean.
It's easy!
In an intructions ECM there are two crypt:
1) it's call SSE that change to provider and calculeted table (in a time it was 10 01 now it's 10 03)
2) it's call SE that calculated with a ke*y

For decrypt a ECM instruction you have to take off a SSE crypt, for do this you need a k*ey of 90 bytes and the esponent 6 bytes.
This ke*ys are RSA.

Afterwards you must use a titanium card because that has to make a lot of calculations for take off, in each instructions, the SSE.
Infact a titanium card has a own operative system.