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Hello All.

I need help urgently. I was following Meteor M2 yesterday. When it received the necessary signals the three screens namely 1, 2 and 5 automatically changed to 1, 2 and 3 the Sat used them. Will they return back to the original? what do I have to do in the way of changes? Can someone please help this dumb Kiwi out of this mess as I have no idea what to do next.

Many thanks.


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Hi Jim - welcome to the forum (Jim is my comrade in crime on one of the fb groups :-rofl2 )


As far as Im aware (and here on the forum we have only really started playing with the wxsats in the last year or so) its an automatic change although what triggers it is debatable

its may be automatic by the satellite as illumination levels increase in the northern hemisphere or it might be a change by the ground control team to keep all the instrumentation operational

Each channel is almost certainly a different frequency - 1 - 3 are visible light, 4 - 6 are infra red.

I havent had much success with Meteor yet, although its on the list of things to start playing with. Are there any channel selectors possible in the meteor software - Its certainly possible in the noaa wxsat software to some degree as Ive just found it

Feel free to share details of your radios, antennas, good images, thought on wxsat reception etc - we are a technical bunch here and new input is always welcome :) Start a thread and share your best captures with us.