Why the iPlayer is on the Wii, not Xbox 360 or PS3

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Jun 26, 2007
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Why is the iPlayer on the Wii and not on other consoles? Because Nintendo didn't want the BBC to jump through hoops. We should have known!
Quoted by BBC Technology Editor Darren Waters in a dot.life blog post, head of BBC Future Media and Technology Erik Huggers said it was down to Sony and Microsoft wanting to "control" the iPlayer.
"If you want to get on the PlayStation or Xbox, they want control of the look, the feel and the experience; they want it done within their shop, and their shop only," he said. The Beeb is making the iPlayer work through the Opera browser that forms the Wii’s Internet channel.
As Waters points out in a rather speculative blog post talking around Huggers’ words, neither the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 support the version of Flash used by the iPlayer. Indeed, the Xbox doesn’t have a browser, just Xbox Live.
“Reading between the lines it would seem Microsoft was unwilling to work with the BBC unless it was given more control over how the content was accessed and presented inside Xbox Live, its walled garden online service.”
But Waters thinks the iPlayer will grace the PS3 sometime soon. “It seems more puzzling for Sony to take this approach. It has said often that PS3 is an ‘open platform’ and all it would take is a small update to let gamers access iPlayer in the web browser. “
“I think this is almost inevitable - and so Sony gamers shouldn't be too distraught.”