Will someone please tell me what basics I need?



My Satellite Setup
Have just decided that I want to get myself a Satellite setup for my PC. Have used analogue and digital TV reciever cards in the past but now want to try something different and more interesting.
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Truro, UK
I have written emails to two retailers now (including Maplin) begging for the most basic information regarding EXACTLY what I need to build my own Satellite system, using my PC for the reciever and screen at home. So far I have had a reply from the other retailer saying he will email, sometime!

All I want for now is the very most basic kit, full stop. Other than sussing that I'll probably want a card with a CI slot (Twinhan?) which isnt cheap, but if it does the job, so be it, I really dont know enough about Satellite TV and what type of Dish and LNB or whatever else I need.

At a guess, would a dish, LNB and Satellite Coax be enough? Or are there special connectors or any other gadgets (I'm guessing a satellite finder would be good, but do they actually search for a signal or point in the direction of the Satellite?).

I'll be needing a fairly long run of Coax as I live near the bottom of a valley and we have outbuildings nearer the center about 20 - 30 meters I suppose.

Would I need some sort of aerial amplifier for such a long run?

Again, I'm looking to do this, initially as cheap as possible, pretty much to see if its worth it and how interesting it is.

Lidl are doing the Satellite in a case kit for about £60 and I even thought of buying that, just to get the kit, but thats buying a stand alone reciever which wont be used (I'd buy a decent one).

Someone please help!



My Satellite Setup
Fortecstar Passion HD,
moteck 2100, Lidl 80cm dish
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I use a region 2 S*y dish (75cm eliptical) along with the LNB which came with it.
I live quite near you (devon) and can receive Astra2/Eurobird on 28E, Astra 1 on 19.2 E, Hotbird 13E, Hispasat 30W and plenty of others in between, using a Motek SG2100 motor to move the dish, but you can get started without a motor if you just want to point at one sat.
My dish is also about 30 metres away and it works fine without any amplification but use good quality cable.
You should just need a couple of standard female sat cable connectors, one for the LNB and the other for the receiver end.
Satfinder is useful for setting up but only a few pounds from Lidls.
Try chatting up your local S*y installer for some bargain bits if you want it cheap.