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Windows media centre S3 Standby


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Worksop UK
If anybody here is running Windows media centre i could do with some help please.

When i press the power button on the media centre remote the PC goes
in to S3 standby and when i press the power button again on the remote
control the PC restarts from S3 Standby. Now the PC will only restart
from S3 standby if i've not been viewing live TV ! If i've been
viewing Live TV before putting the PC in to S3 standby when i turn
back on i receive the media centre blue screen with "resume Live TV" i
click ok then the PC does a complete restart!

As long as i dont view live TV before going in to S3 standby it will
come back on by pressing the remote control power button with no

I'm using the Zap TV 1000

I've tried downloading the latest drivers and i've also tried a WinTV PVR150 TV card with exactly the same problem.

Anybody any ideas ?