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wish to learn more about MRV


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Hi all of you here,

I'm not quite new in this forum and have much appreciate all infos available here. However, I 'd like to know more about MRV.

When I buy a MRV Cam for the first time, it was delivered with let's say 2.20 version. And it was told on the advertising that ther is UCAS 3.1 compatible , it can descrypt a lot of things etc...

when I update from 2.20 to 2.21 or 2.22 with CAS 2 USB, the procedure says "erease all, load bin file, write, and verify"

Everything seems to be fine. My question is to know what really occur when I "erease all". ? Did it erease "UCAS 3.1" ? If so, could that explain that I cannot clear S*ca channels ?? And how can i put again UCAS 3.1 in there ?

Could I load and write other bin file whiwh is different from MRV Software without ereasing nothing ??

Thanks a lot in advance for your explanations.



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Plaza ST550
Dragon 4.1,
Cas2 + Add on.
Mastera card progger.
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OK. One point at a time :)
When you *erase all* you are erasing the old bin file, nothing else.
This must be done, as cas 2 will not overwrite.
You won't clear s*ca if you mean taquilla stuff, as it isn't encrypted in s*ca anymore.
It's now changed and is not available at the moment. There is a bit left on sly italia, but not much.
You can use soft for MR or MRev on your cam. Reborn is not recommended, though will work, but only for a short time.
As previously mentioned, cam must be erased before programming. Sometimes more than once.
Hope this helps a bit