Woman makes Harley Davidson from butter



A woman from Iowa is making a model of a Harley-Davidson motorbike out of butter.

Norma "Duffy" Lyon from Des Moines is creating a full-scale butter V-Rod to celebrate Harley-Davidson's 100th anniversary.

The butter she is using is five years old, which is about the maximum age she likes to work with because the consistency changes.

She began the Harley sculpture last week after finishing a life-sized butter model of a dairy cow.

She's carved a life-sized dairy cow out of butter for the Iowa state fair for more than 40 years.

Norma, 74, said: "I decided four years ago to celebrate Harley-Davidson's birthday. I've been waiting for it and here it is."

She had to get permission from the company to create the sculpture and she works from several pictures of a V-Rod taken from different angles.

The butter motorcycle is built on a frame, which is covered in butter. It is then moulded, shaped and carved until it's perfect. She reckons she'll use about 300lbs of unsalted butter in completing the sculpture, reports the