Worldcup widescreen


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Those who forked out hardd earned £££ on a widescreen tv to watch worldcup football should know the broadcsats are in 4.3 mode.
ITV matchs have red rectangles on the left and right hand side of the screen.
BBC matches are in a smaller box.

Not all is bad news , the BBC do have widescreen BUT only if your go into BBCi (Press red button).
hope that helps.


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How crap was that ??? I noticed the same. I'll have to check out the bbci later on.

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[updated:LAST EDITED ON 05-Jun-02 AT 02:12 PM (GMT)]Additionally I believe (at least in Japan matches) the signal is converted first to PAL from an NTSC source, and so the resolution will also be adversly affected by approximately 14/15%

This is before it gets sent over here by whatever medium is deemed most cost effective, then decompressed, converted again to the broadcasting standard of choice, further compressed and then sent up

1) By Skys uplink, with the additional 36000 mile link, to a zone 1 dish with mismatched LNB feed and 0.8dB LNB, with stability problems, to a domestic Sky Digibox that has a loose F connector at the back of it,


2) over the UHF transmitter nearest you, to your probably mismatched Yagi aerial to be detected by the DTT box at the end of the piece of string sold in B+Q as quality aerial cable,

before passing though a high quality gold plated SCART conector into your £3000 Plasma screen monitor

Its only 23 people kicking a ball about for 90 minutes , or am I missing something