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To say I am frustrated would be an understatement. I have spent hours reading the forum and trawling through the net for files to update my MR'd (currently version 1.100). I have managed to find files which I think are the correct ones and here the problem starts.

I have an Echostar DBS890 FTA with the above cam and have just bought two x f**card 6's. I have found Bin files and upd files along with flash files and int EEprom files and ext eeprom files infact I lie awake at night dreaming of files. I have loaded the update file (converted to a hex as in the most excellent advice found in this forum by rolfw) but I never get asked to put the second card in! I have also tried to update the firmware - using the one card to see if I get asked for the other one- on the reciever but get an error message "cable disconnected or baud rate to high... please try again.

I really do not know what to try next. So can someone please offer some advice as my excuse to the wife, that the motorised reciever, cam etc was not really just a waste of money, just a hitch until I get it sorted, is wearing a bit thin!!!! please help and try not to laugh too much, lol


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Both card needs to have a loader file and hex file _http:// should do it.