... worth noting 12.5.03



:: The British Medical Association has warned that patients are being put at risk by out-dated computer systems in hospitals. The BMA's junior doctors' committee said information technology in UK hospitals had failed to keep up with changes in working patterns, which meant that information about patients could get lost in the system, potentially leading to misdiagnosis, delays in treatment and prolonged hospital stays.

:: Cable operator Telewest has launched its new ultra-fast 2Mb broadband offering following successful trials of the product. Telewest is to offer customers three connection speeds, including standard 512kb, 1Mb and the new 2Mb service. The service will cost £54.99 per month for people who don't sign up for Telewest's telephone service, or £50 per month for those who do.

:: Bath Central Library has won a £50,000 grant to make its local history collection available on the Internet. The award from the Heritage Lottery Fund will enable researchers to search a list of the 10,000 books in the museum's collection online.

:: Iran has tightened controls on the Internet, ordering thousands of political and pornographic Web sites to be blocked. Apparently a list of 15,000 sites has been drawn up by the government and sent to ISPs.

:: UK security and e-commerce distributor Unipalm, which has been distributing services for the high-end server version of Macromedia's ColdFusion software exclusively in the UK for over six years, has ended its relationship with Macromedia, citing credit concerns and an inflexible attitude from the US company as its reasons for the split.

:: SMS-focused business Txt Order PLC has unveiled its TxtOrder service following a two-month trial with companies including Barclaycard, Yamaha, Phones4U and Next. Apparently the new service enables consumers to receive information on advertised products by text and email, simply by sending a text message with a unique promotional code that will be featured in product advertisements.

:: Google has launched a version of its news service dedicated to the UK, to provide users with the latest domestic stories on subjects such as business, entertainment, politics and sport. The service, which aggregates headlines from about 4,500 online news sites, provides links to the latest stories and images from around the world, with UK sources and articles given prominence.
:: UK ISP One.Tel has announced a new range of pricing

packages for its dial-up Internet service aimed at giving the user more choice and breaking the one-size fits all model. The company is offering four new packages, starting from just £3.99 per month for nighttime only access, which it claims have been developed to appeal to the widest possible range of customers.