... worth noting 16.6.03



:: Dutch electronics giant Philips has launched the Onis 300, a fixed-line phone with text messaging support, and is set to make household phones even more like mobile phones in the coming months.

:: SAP and eBay have signed a deal to allow SAP customers to sell excess inventory via a dedicated eBay online marketplace.

:: Walt Disney Co will use a high speed Internet-based video service called 'Motion' to spice up its ABC.com and Movies.com sites this summer. Motion sends high-quality video clips to the computers of prospective viewers without prompting through the day. The advantage of the system is that the video quality is better than clips watched as they're downloaded, or streamed, and they can be watched immediately.

:: Price comparison Web site uSwitch.com has been awarded with the Oftel PASS by the telecoms regulator, for providing assistance to consumers looking for a better deal on their telephone service. uSwitch.com allows customers to compare prices of fixed residential telecoms services for free, with more than 20 companies listed and regular updates of typical charges.

:: Interactive TV software developer NDS has launched a new product aimed at making it easier for creatives to produce interactive ads. Apparently the Value@TV Production Suite will boost interactive advertising worldwide by allowing non-technical staff to get in on the act. The software is said to reduce turnaround times, complexity and the skills needed to produce interactive ads. The end product can be distributed across multiple digital TV platforms, as proved in trials that have taken place in Israel.

:: The two largest betting exchanges on the Internet Betfair and Sporting Options have struck a deal to give the Jockey Club access to their clients' records. Apparently the move is part of an attempt to clean up the horseracing industry following a series of scandals last year. It means Jockey Club officials can track who has been placing bets if they're suspicious of fraudulent activity, although punters signing up to the companies' Web sites will have to give their agreement.

:: The UK Labour Party's official Web site has fallen victim to hackers. The site's usual content of Labour Party news was replaced by an image of US President George Bush carrying his dog with Tony Blair's head superimposed on it.