Wrestling Channel to launch on Sky



Huge News on The New UK Wrestling Channel

The UK Wrestling Channel has been given the green light for a launch in October.

The Wrestling Channel will air as part of the Sky Digital service and will be free view, as long as viewers are subscribed to the Sky Digital service.

The channel will air programming from NWA-TNA, Combat Zone Wrestling, The UK's Frontier Wrestling Alliance, Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling NOAH, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Major League Wrestling, Irish Whip Wrestling, XWF, CMLL, UPW and Women's Extreme Wrestling.

Also airing on the station are RF Video Shoot Interviews, and classic episodes of UWF, Mid-Atlantic, Memphis, Florida, as well as British Wrestling from ITV's World Of Sport archives. In addition, there will be a Classic Wrestling Superstars series featuring an assortment of 52 episodes of name talent in other promotions.

There is still no sign of any WWE programs scheduled air on the new channel.


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Good news for those wrestling fans then, I remember Jackie Pallo, Mick McMaunus, the Royal brothers (Bert Royal and Vick Faulkner), Kendo Nagasaki, then later Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks. I even remember ?Tiny Carr, the diminuative referee, shame it all went down the tubes.

Mind you, I do find it amusing how they now call something Free To View, when the only way you can view it is with a subscription card!!!! Is it just me who finds this a contradiction?