X-Box Channel Launches


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Jan 1, 2000
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Modern Times Group on March 12 announced Microsoft is starting a new commercial channel to launch its game console Xbox in Denmark using Viasat's digital-TV platform. The channel will transmit 8 hours a day, between 15:00 and 24:00, with demo versions of games available for Xbox. There will also be
information about the Xbox itself. In connection with the launch, Microsoft in Denmark will use the entire selection of new media from Viasat Broadcasting, the business area within MTG where all TV channels and new media are to be found. Microsoft will be using so-called pop-ups in television programs to inform the subscribers of digital-TV of the new channel, as well as mobile telephone services, teletext and the Net Microsoft will deliver the entire content to the TV channel and other services. The TV channel launched on March 14. The Xbox channel will televise for four weeks during Microsoft's mass launching of the game console. Viasat had a total of 550,000 digital-TV subscribers throughout the Nordic countries at the turn of the year. The Xbox channel will be available to everyone in Denmark who has Viasat's digital-TV box. Showings on the Xbox channel will be included in Viasat's digital-TV guide next to Viasat's own channels in Denmark, TV3, 3+, Viasat Sport, TV1000 and TV1000 Cinema.
Thanks to "Allsat"

Interesting for the fans of the new X-Box.
X-BOX TV can be found on Sirius 5°E Freq:11996H, SR27500, FEC3/4
encrypted in vi**cess.

Taken from http://www.westham20.freeserve.co.uk/pages/Sat_News.htm
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