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X Cam and Nokia 9600

Need some help with my nokia 9600 reciever. The problem im having is that im trying to get my X-Cam to work with the reciever. Everytime i go into the menu on the nokia the cam interface is grade out. i have tried to use the cam loader but i stil cannot get it to work. i keep getting a 'waiting connection' on the loader software.
I also have a fun-card 6 and a programmer but i have not got involved in this part of it yet as i am trying to update the cam software.
I would appreciate some support as this is the only website i have found where it has a high volume of helpful members.
I have exactly the same problem.
Tried to reset to o/s (as suggested elsewhere) by various means (holding down button on front while switching off/on with plug/remote).
No joy.
Can't get anything to work.
I have an Aston 1.05 and this works with funcard to get AB but would like to use x-cam.
Please help!:)