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I need help. While programming the the Xcam in laptop, I loaded the keys file into block2 by mistake. I stopped the loading program half way when I realised what I was doing. The xcam is now corrupted and does not respond when I try to load the bin file. I can still load the key file in block 14. How can I repair the xcam. Can it be done with a programmer?


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You may need to use a CAS interface, as the laptop needs a funtioning operating system to talk to the CAM.
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When it is not possible to update your cam with the programmer than can you try this - (courtesy of a Belgian site)

1) Use a Decoder that powers the CAM also in Stand By
2) Insert the CAM into the Decoder in off (not powered)
3) Insert the serial programmer into your XCAM
4) Switch-on the decoder and go to a FTA channel
5) Verify the installed firmware (1.01 or 1.02 or 1.03T)
6) On the PC start the X-Loader Program

Now it’s where you have to fake your CAM.
All of you is aware of the fact that in Block 2 you should write the Firmware and on Block 14 the softcam.key.
In this case (and remember on in this case of anomalous CAM), you shall insert the softcam.key in block 2 instead of block 14.

7) Press Connect
8) Go to the CAM parameters
9) Activate the loader
10) The programming starts
11) At the end of programming, do not exit from the program X-Loader !!!!!
12) With the remote, verify the CAM parameter
13) You should now read “XCAM Module” like a new virgin CAM!!
14) Now you can load the new firmware in the X-Loader and program it in block 2 of your CAM
15) Press connect (without doing anything in the CAM menu) and the firmware download will start automatically.
16) At the end of download, switch off the decoder (not powered) and remove the programmer without removing the CAM from the decoder
17) Switch on the decoder on the previously selected FTA channel
18) Read CAM parameter to verify correct firmware updating