XP Home - help is completely screwed!



My windows help facility no longer operates at all, not a peep, nothing, zilch, it won't go :D

Was wondering if any of you techies have heard of a similar problem and a possible fix? Is there a patch available or a way to re-install the help on it's own?

While I'm at it, disk cleanup doesn't operate properly either, it get's stuck! :eek:

......oh, and even though there is over half of the hard disk with free space, the loading time of everything is slower than it used to be - eg loggin on to a windows profile :confused It's like a cache is building up, somewhere, but I don't know what it is :(

I have a second pc, running win98, and can't get it to start, it says 'disk I/0 error Please replace the disk and press any key'
I suspect this is a worn out hard disk. I have been told that puting it in the fridge for a while and retrying it might help me get access and transfer all the important stuff to this pc. Does this problem sound terminal to any of you lot? ;)

Just a few problems I've got there, but i know a lot of you love a challenge to help get things like these sorted :-righton

thanks folks, appreciate any help :-beer


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May 1, 1999
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You should be able to repair windows using the installation CD Mike, this should then bring back the help files.

As for the slowness, a good disk defrag normally helps, but as you get more and more programmes, there are more things loading in the background, so loading times will get longer.

Heard about the freezer trick with the hard drive, never tried it though.