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xxl problems

My Satellite Setup
Dreambox 500 triple lnb
My Location
Bahrain Middle East
Greeting's to all no problem getting xxl but here is one for you to ponder I have a technomate with a H/D but cannot record xxl its like they have a block on recording the progrmmes I can record on all the other channels any advice out there guys John


The technomate 8000 with h/d has problems. Keep working with your supplier to get these problems fixed. For some reason the software has hang ups on certain channels. I've had problems with c+ dutch and spanish. Certain channels will record and then lock up. Tried different software, unreleased software direct from the man, even tried a prototype box for a few weeks. NO got my money and walked. Topfield and manhattan/fortec-star are good for recording but manhattan may cause you problems (flash memory).