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Yay I got my first experiment system off eBay!

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1.1m Dish on Turksat, Triax 88 on Eutelsat 7A, Minidish pointing at Turksat
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Hey everyone, new to the world of satellite wonders. As you can see from my previous posts, you'll probably guess I'm Turkish and that I'm interested in getting Turksat with a small dish because I cant really stick up a big dish when I'm away from home.

I'd be surprised if the kit belonged to someone from here! lol

Heres what I got used (not for long though!):

65CM Fortec Dish w/ LNB and fittings
Fortec Star Lifetime Classic Receiver + Remote and Manual
20M of Cabling

Dunno if its worth it got it for around £50 + £15 delivery

I should be able to pick up alot of the stuff here right? Turksat is around 49-52DBw for the best beams (bar S1)

I think Astra and Hotbird are within reach too...

So..please people..tell me if I've been conned or whatever I dont think I have but you know! Any advice as to how to go about installing and tips?

I'll test it here, I mite take it with me to Cyprus to put up permanently as Turksat is really powerful there and my parents don't want to buy a big dish anyway...

For now it is to test how good it is here and if I can pick up decent stuff Turkish and non Turkish:p

PS: Is 65CM a deal better than 60CM in say, bad weather?


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Thats a decent enough system to play with. You should at least get the higher bitrate channels easily enough, the west beam is reasonably strong in the UK.


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The bigger the dish, the more signal you collect. A 5cm difference isnt much, but its there.