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    Aaj Tak Reappears Fta On Dth

    I don't think AAJ TAK will become FTA again. India TV is a nice news channel apart from AAJ TAK.
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    i have get it channel in india

    May be you are referring about CS & Dreambox! Am I right?
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    Adult channels in Hyderabad

    Yes. I can also view those channels using Dreambox.
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    Zee tv on C Band

    @khana Zee TV cards are married with the box. So you should have a valid box-id inorder to view them in other STBs. In Dreambox its possible. I don't know about other boxes.
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    Need Dialog-TV DTH setup box

    If it's a clone, then it should support all protocols. Even I'm also having a Dreambox clone.
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    Ku Band Of INDIA

    Thanks afancier for this great information. But in South, we can't receive these much of satellites with less than 180cm dish.
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    Need Dialog-TV DTH setup box

    Yes. It works very well with Dreambox. For more details, PM me.
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    dish tv india conax card in dreambox

    Yes. You have to use CCcam. It works with Dish TV.
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    Ethernet port problem

    Sure bro. I'm searching for it. So far, I found only spektrtv image. But I need FTP support for RS232.
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    Ethernet port problem

    @member Yes. I tried it. But that method doesn't works. I didn't found a good image for it. @HB13DISH I tried that too. It seems to be hardware fault. Anyways, thanks for all your suggestions.
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    Ethernet port problem

    I'm using Gemini 4.1 image. My PC IP is and DM IP is There is no router in between. Except this ethernet problem, everything is working fine.
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    Ethernet port problem

    From past 5 days, I can't connect the DM to the network. Whenever I connect the LAN cable to its port, nothing happens. No flashing of network LED in the PC. I tried by changing IP, cable and even PC. But no success. I'm using a direct cable(without any hub). I really need some help from you to...
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    FTV Russia & Eastern Europe

    FTV Russia is not receivable in South India from Yamal201. Last year, it was the Strongest TP. But not now!
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    Hotbird in India

    This is not necessary amxson. Getting Hotbird depends on your luck. If there are trees in front of your face of dish, you should forget about Hotbird. In my location, only 2 people are able to get Hotbird. That also depends your location. The ideal place to serach Hotbird is a like a Cricket...
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    Hotbird in India

    First of All, I need to know is, Not all times. In morning time, I get 3 transponders. But in night time, the signal goes very very down and I get only 1 transpoder ie. 12541 H / 25600. But its signal in night times is 10% only, sometimes nil. So its very difficult to get this sat in Sri Lanka...